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If the amount of G antibodies is 50-60% - the transition of the disease from the acute stage to the chronic stage, it is necessary to repeat the study in two weeks.

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The absence of these antibodies suggests that the person has never had the herpes simplex virus. The decoding of the analysis is carried out in the laboratory. Diagnosis and diagnosis is carried out exclusively by a doctor. Therapeutic tactics is determined by the type of virus, the nature and severity of the lesion. considered as the main objectives.

Treatment of herpes simplex (with the exception of complicated and severe course) is carried out on an outpatient basis. All drugs can be divided into 2 groups. Influencing the etiological factor (on the virus) is the most important link in the treatment. Influencing the pathogenetic and symptomatic factor - NSAIDs, dehydration, glucocorticosteroids.

This allows you to buy Periactin online the patient's condition, reduce the period of medication. With a slight severity of symptoms, the technique can replace a course of immunostimulants and antiviral drugs. The ozone-oxygen mixture is administered by subcutaneous microinjections.

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It is possible to carry out autohemoozonotherapy. The essence of the manipulation is to take venous blood and further enrich it with an ozone-oxygen mixture. After that, the patient's blood is again injected into the vein. To eliminate the symptoms caused by herpes infection, on average, 8-10 procedures of autohemoozone therapy are needed, which should be performed at intervals of 2-3 times a week.

The best option during the period of cyproheptadine is complex therapy with the simultaneous use of antiviral and immunomodulatory agents. Drug therapy is complemented by non-drug methods. In the treatment of type 2 herpes, doctors often use ozone therapy.

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With herpes simplex virus type 1, laser therapy is effective. During the procedure, the doctor acts with a special apparatus with infrared radiation on the affected tissues. Laser therapy is used at any stage of herpes treatment, however, the best results can be achieved at the initial stages. With the appearance of itching and burning, the development of the pathological process stops after the first procedure. Regeneration of periactin online occurs in the shortest possible time.

Treatment of herpes simplex in children is recommended to begin at the first sign of the disease. Antiviral drugs are used for external and internal use. With general hyperthermia, insufficient effectiveness of therapy, human immunoglobulins are additionally prescribed. With frequent recurrence, consultation with an immunologist is required.

Parents shouldcontrol the implementation of hygiene measures. With herpetic lesions of the oral cavity, the child should not injure the sores with the tongue. The drugs of choice in the treatment of herpes simplex are antiviral agents. Acyclovir, interacting with DNA polymerase, leads to the suppression of the synthesis of DNA of the virus, which disrupts its replication (reproduction). The drug has few side effects, is practically non-toxic to the body in adequate doses. With herpes simplex, it can be applied topically, orally and parenterally.